Fire & Ambulance Services

First responders to emergency calls are crucial in any town. In addition to the Whitemarsh Township Police, there are 2 fire companies and 1 EMS squad, comprising both paid and volunteer personnel expertly trained to provide life-saving help where and when needed. 
Barren Hill Fire Company Barren Hill Fire Company
Ph: 610-825-2250
Spring Mill Fire CompanySpring Mill Fire Company
Ph: 610-825-1164
What We Do
In addition to putting out fires and aiding the sick or injured, we provide the community:
  • Free smoke detectors, installed in your home if assistance is needed
  • Fire extinguisher training to hospital and nursing care staff, as well as schools
  • CPR and similar training for groups
  • Fire and safety inspections of public and private buildings
  • Consultation for the public and developers on general fire safety
  • Storm-water awareness training to public works staff for emergency-preparedness
  • Rescue operations and urgent communication services in major emergencies
Fire Extinguisher Use Training
What You Can Do
Become involved in your area's fire company or paramedic squad. Volunteer and receive the best training around. Donate to our fund drives and participate in our community activities.

Be Safe!

  • Obey all laws, including fire and safety-specific laws (read our feature on grill safety)
  • Know the dangers of stormwater
  • Change smoke detector batteries at least twice a year (email if you need a free smoke detector installed in your home, or know of someone who does)