Whitemarsh Greenhouse & Gardening Program


The Greenhouse Program is in collaboration with Whitemarsh Township is run entirely by local volunteers who are passionate for growing, planting, nurturing, and promoting native species. 

Located in Koontz Park, the green house serves as a welcoming resource for the entire community. Throughout the year, volunteers gather weekly in this cozy, light-filled space for invasive removal, seed starting, transplanting, and project planning.

Our Goals:

• Restore a healthy ecosystem for all Whitemarsh Township Residents - humans, animals, insects, micro-organisms, and plants.

• Promote the inclusion of native plants in public and private gardens.

• Educate township residents and visitors about the benefits of native plants in the landscape.

          - Native plants are defined

          - Where to find native plants

          - How native plants improve the environment

• Encourage collaboration and information-sharing among neighbors and Township departments, boards and commissions, and local civic associations.

How to Participate:

• Volunteers often meet on Monday mornings in the Koontz Park greenhouse. Start time varies depending on the time of the year.

• ALL volunteers, regardless of skill level, are welcome. We take great pleasure in sharing what we know and learning from one another. Please join us as your schedule allows.

If you are interested in joining the greenhouse volunteers please contact the Parks and Recreation Offices at 610-828-7276 or by e-mail.

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