Residential Recycling

Electronic Recycling Collection

Through Montgomery County, we have partnered with Retrievr, a convenient service that comes to your doorstep to pick up your unwanted televisions, computers, cell phones, miscellaneous electronic items (and clothing). This service is available to all Montgomery County residents by visiting Retrievr's website, or calling 757-703-3824. 

Fees apply for microwaves ($10) and TV's ($35 if < 150 Lbs, $100 if > 150 Lbs). Click HERE for additional fee information, as well as the item pickup process.

Residential Recycling Collection

Residential recycling is also collected curbside once-per-week on the same day in each Collection District (PDF) from occupied dwellings in Whitemarsh Township by J. P. Mascaro & Sons.

Residential recycling is single-stream which means that you may mix all recyclable materials into one container - there is no need to separate materials or even tie-or-bag newspapers.

Accepted Recyclable Materials

Residential recycling is collected and processed and disposed by J. P. Mascaro & Sons.  See the below flyer for list of acceptable materials or visit the J. P. Mascaro site for a complete list for single stream recycling.

Guide to Single Stream Recycling

Recycling Flyer (2023 Version) for Website
Top-10 Non-Recyclable Materials
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