2006 Roadway Analysis & Transportation CIP

Roadway Sufficiency Analysis & Transportation Capital Improvement Plan
The Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Transportation Capital Improvements Plan has been prepared by McMahon Associates in accordance with the requirements set forth in Pennsylvania Act 209 to assess transportation impact fees on new developments within municipal boundaries.

The Whitemarsh Township Traffic Impact Fee Advisory Committee was created by the Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors to develop land use assumptions, prepare a roadway sufficiency analysis study and make recommendation to the board as to the development of roadway improvements, capital improvements and impact fees. The Board of Supervisors adopted the Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Transportation Capital Improvement Plan at the January, 2006 public meeting by resolution 2006-9.

The analysis and plan establishes 2 transportation service areas within the township: Transportation Service Area North (TSA North) and Transportation Service Area South (TSA South), assigning a Transportation Impact Fee to each TSA.

Transportation Impact Fee [§105-21.1.] Documents