Stormwater Management

Stormwater is water runoff that accumulates in natural and/or constructed storage facilities and stormwater systems during and immediately following a storm event.

Whitemarsh Township Code Chapter 58 provides standards to safeguard persons, to protect property, water resources and to promote the public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use, location and maintenance of grading, excavation, fill and site development of activities. The provisions of the Code are designed to:
  • Control stormwater runoff, erosion and sedimentation by use of accepted standards and facilities
  • Maintain or improve flows and water quality in all streams and watercourses within the township
  • Focus on infiltration of stormwater, to maintain groundwater recharge, to prevent degradation of surface and groundwater quality and to otherwise protect water resources
  • Meet legal water quality requirements under state law, including regulations at 25 Pennsylvania Code Chapter 93.4a to protect and maintain "existing uses"
  • Manage stormwater runoff impacts at their source by regulating activities that cause the problems
  • Provide review procedures and performance standards for stormwater planning and management
  • Utilize and preserve the existing natural drainage systems as much as possible
  • Manage stormwater impacts close to the runoff source, which requires a minimum of structures and relies on natural processes
  • Prevent scour and erosion of streambanks and streambeds
  • Provide for proper operation and maintenance of all permanent stormwater management Best Management Practices (BMPs) that are implemented in the township
  • Provide a mechanism to identify controls necessary to meet the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES)Permit requirements
  • Implement an illegal discharge detection and elimination program to address non-stormwater discharges into the Township's storm sewer system
A copy of the resolution adopting the standards for stormwater management, Resolution 2004-8 - Ordinance Number 789 (PDF) is available online.

To report a stormwater pollution incident (illicit discharges, illegal dumping or outfall pollution) please contact 610-825-3535        

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