Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office enforces the fire prevention code, conducts fire prevention programs, reviews plans/permits, conducts inspections, assists businesses with emergency planning, responds to emergencies, and conducts fire investigations

Fire Prevention Code

Whitemarsh Township has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code. The Fire Marshal’s Office reviews land development proposals and construction projects to ensure work being done is compliant and safe for the constituents of the township. These reviews are followed up with onsite inspections during construction and at the conclusion of projects.

Fire and safety Inspections of public and private properties are done to ensure they are operating in a safe manner and will follow up on any complaints received in the office by the public

See the reference sheets below for additional information:

• Novelty Fireworks Retail Sales Checklist

• Open Burning Reference Sheet

• Permit Inspection List

• Operational Permit List

• Temporary Tents and Membrane Structures Reference Sheet

• Temporary Outdoor Dining Reference Sheet (COVID-19)

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

The Fire Marshal’s Office works with businesses, medical facilities, and schools to develop & review Emergency Action Plans for their facilities. This includes staff/faculty training, fire drills, and evacuation drills.

Fire Prevention

October is Fire Prevention Month, but we consider every month to be Fire Prevention Month for public safety! The Fire Marshal’s Office administers and coordinates the Fire Prevention Program. This is an outreach program to the community with visits to schools, businesses, and senior living facilities.

Emergency Response

The Fire Marshal’s Office responds with the Spring Mill Fire Company, Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company, and Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association to provide assistance.

Fire Investigation

After a fire is extinguished a fire investigation must be conducted to determine the cause of the fire. The Fire Marshal’s Office works closely with the Whitemarsh Police Department to determine if a fire is intentionally set as an arson fire. Once a cause is determined, that information is used to educate the public to aid in fire prevention and possibly reduce future fires.

The Fire Marshal’s Office also is there to help businesses and residents through the recovery process of such a devastating event as a fire. This includes coordinating housing, supplies, clothes, meals, and clean-up to list a few services.

Contact for Questions or Concerns

Please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 610-825-3535 if you have any questions in regards to fire or life safety. When it comes to fire and life safety, it is better to ask what the best practice is before trying something and possibly getting hurt.

If you see anything that seems wrong, inappropriate, or concerning call our office. We will help you if we can or get you in touch with the right department or person. If it is an emergency call 911 IMMEDIATELY.