Green Recognition Program

The Green Organization Recognition Program highlights local businesses and organizations in Whitemarsh that are acting as stewards of our township and of our planet by recognizing those that have taken significant and meaningful steps in one or more of these areas: reducing CO2 emissions, increasing biodiversity, significantly reducing waste, managing stormwater and using best practices for management and maintenance of their property.”

 Completed applications may be emailed to the Planning and Zoning Department 

How to apply for the Sustainable Business Recognition Program

Our Newest Awardee!

Congratulations to Germantown Academy for receiving the Green Recognition Award!

Green Recognition Award for Germantown Academy

2023 Awardee! 

Congratulations, Back to Earth Compost Crew!

Back to Earth Compost

2022 Awardees!

SustainableLandSolutions - Option 4
St Thomas - Option 4
ConshySeafood - Option 4